Jo Forsyth

Originally training and working as a potter for ten years, Jo has spent much of her life with muddy hands! As her ceramics became more architectural, a door opened into the world of ‘natural building’….

Discovering the sculptural delights of cob in 2007 on the ‘Hand Sculpted House’, 9 day course in Ireland, led by Ianto Evans, she signed up with the Cob Cottage Co. In Oregon and began a mobile intensive craft apprenticeship working with earth, wood and straw. She spent seven years travelling, building and teaching across the USA, Ireland and the UK, living and working with many inspirational individuals and intentional communities.

As well as creating new buildings, She also works on the conservation and the restoration of historic buildings and is a slate roofer and cob, earth and lime plaster specialist. She has worked for many private clients and for the landmark trust. For the last few years Jo has worked with the team each year to facilitate the Shift Bristol roundhouse projects.

Jo is very grateful to have found a vocation which allows her to share her passion for a move towards a less product-oriented building paradigm. She thrives on facilitating people of all ages and backgrounds to come together sharing time and skills to weave a vision of a more sustainable, less toxic and vibrant future. To create buildings in community which sing in harmony with the environment and each other.

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