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Chef – Roundhouse Build, September 2023

We are looking for four people who are passionate about food and cooking, with an understanding of the importance of eating organic, locally and seasonally. As our team of cooks, you will be provided with a budget and tasked with planning, buying ingredients for and cooking plant-based lunches and dinners for approximately 25 people. We believe that meal times are the most important part of the day on the build and the cooks are some of the most important people on site.

The cooking team will be grouped into two groups of two that will rotate in and out between the build and the kitchen. This means the chefs will be on site for the build for at least half of every day.


  • Passionate about food
  • Happy working in a team
  • Comfortable cooking plant-based meals for large groups of people on schedule
  • Experience planning and budgeting for meals

Our courses take place in rural environments where you will often be cooking outside with limited equipment. We will work with you to ensure you have everything you need to carry out your meal plans.

If you have any other questions please contact us.

Roundhouse Build – September 2023

Staff needed:

Torrington, Devon

9th September – 17th September, 2023 (9 days)

The chefs will rotate between the kitchen and the build.

15th August, 2023

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